immanuel calvin herchenbach



Freiburg / 1991

Hello! My name is Calvin and I'm a 25-year old designer with a focus on interactive media and communication through and with technology.

Being a programmer, I like to create interactive and user-oriented solutions. Besides my interest in functionality and problem solving, I’m constantly exploring digital matter in a visual way by computer-generated visualization and motion design.

design interaction programming 3d motion



hKDM / 2013

In a workshop about animation, I taught myself rigging within one week and created a little robot. I paid special attention to the movements and emotional expressions of my character.



hKDM / 2014

In the game Fallen from Space, an astronaut is stranded in a dangerous planet: to keep the aliens from attacking and to collect important ressources, we created different towers. My part was the 3D modelling of the towers and other gameprops, as well as helping out with some c# scripting.

rigging/modeling:blender scripting:unity_c#


hKDM & KGT / 2012-2013

Swarm is a concept for an interactive guidance system for a grammar school. Realizing that the movements of pupils in groups are similar to those of birds, I created a processing script that acts like a real swarm and -via webcam- reacts simultaneously to movements made by people walking by.

programming:processing interaction 3d:blender


hKDM / 2012-2013

In Datenstrom, I experimented with computer-generated typography. Playing with the perception of what a designed font is, I created a script that transformed the alphabet via a glitching process into a whole new typeface with endless font variations.

programming:js/processing conception typography


hKDM / 2012

To show the pace and the attacks of keyboard typing, I created a JavaScript code that analyzed the typing of the user. In After Effects, a self-written extension script interpreted the recorded data as visible details.

programming:ae/js animation:ae conception


hKDM / 2013

Videotekst is an interactive web-application that will read any text input out loud. The program is able to choose between over 1700 handcut videosamples of syllables to form the given sentence.
try videotekst

video interaction scripting:js



Immanuel Calvin Herchenbach

Habsburgerstraße 123

79104 Freiburg